Louis C.K.

London Stockholm, Oslo

January 23, 2013

Hello. Just a fair warning that the below announcement is unnecicarily long, mis-spelled and the crucial information, regarding tickets to my shows in London, stockholm and Oslo, is way down toward the bottom. But its easier to write this disclaimer than to edit the whole thing. Even this disclaimer is too long. Oh well. Here begins the actual announcement...

Dearest reader,
I hope that, as you are reading this, you are well in health and spirit. I hope that you are having fine luck and that you feel positive and joyful about your life.
Of course I suppose that not all of you that are reading this are feeling well, lucky or happy.
Seeing as my email goes out to about a quarter of a million people, the odds that all of them are having a terrific day are very low. I would say at least thirty two thousand four hundred and sixty two of you are just having the worst day ever.
The kind of day where, when someone smiles at you, you really want to punch them right in their stupid mouth. And here now youre getting an annoying email from that comedian you used to like, but enough already with that guy anyway.
Well, in any case.... Hello. To all of you.

Im writing for a reason which will mean nothing to any of you who don't live in the British Isles or Scandanavia.

Im writing to let you know that im coming to London on march 20th and march 21st to do some live shows. Im playing the O2 arena on Wednesday, the 20th of March and the Hammersmith Apollo on Thursday the 21st of March. Tickets for these shows are available right now on louisck.net.

I'll be performing in Oslo, Norway at the Oslo Spektrum on Friday, the 22nd of March. Tickets to that show are available at 11:00 Oslo time also on louisck.net
I'm also coming to Stockholm, Sweden on the 23rd of March where I will be at the Globe Arena. Tickets to that show are available also on louisck.net but not till 12:00 NOON Stockholm time (2 hours from when this is posted).
-The reason for this staggered release of tickets, as you probably know, is a very strict Swedish law that requires all things that happen in Sweden to happen 2 hours after the same thing happens in London and 1 hour after it happens in Norway. So sorry if this is awkward. It's really out of my hands.

Lastly (jesus you must hate me by now) i would like to mention that my FX series LOUIE will be airing in England and other parts of the UK. The FOX network, Tuesdays at 9pm.

For those of you who are not in the region of the world that is addressed above, i am really really very kind of barely not at all sorry for wasting your time. But i wish you all well. Isn't that nice of me?

Kind regards,

Louis CK.